For just £1 per entry, you could win:

1st prize
Our guaranteed weekly top prize is £1,000!
2nd prize
Starting at£300
Our rollover increases by £300 if it's not won that week!
3rd prize
1 guaranteed weekly winner will receive £100.
4th prize
1 guaranteed weekly winners will receive £50.
5th prizes
£10 x5
5 guaranteed weekly winners will receive £10.
Top rollover
Our rollover becomes guaranteed the week it reaches £15,000!

Welcome to The Norfolk Hospice Lottery

The Norfolk Hospice lottery has been operating for over 20 years and currently brings in over £250,000 each year to help run our Hospice services. This is a significant contribution towards the £3 million that it costs each year to run the Hospice and we are very grateful to all of our lottery players.

Although we offer 8 guaranteed prizes and 1 rollover prize each week - in our eyes all of our lottery players are winners for supporting the Hospice and knowing that their contributions are helping families with life limiting illnesses.

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How does it work?

Our lottery is a great way to support The Norfolk Hospice and provides a vital source of income to help keep our services running.

Playing couldn’t be simpler – an entry in the lottery costs just £1 a week so the more entries you have, the more chances of winning a prize you have. Every Friday, the lucky winning numbers are selected at random by computer and winners’ prize cheques are posted out after the draw automatically, meaning there's no need to make a claim for your prize if you are a lucky winner in that week's draw.

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